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How to Spend a Day Trip to Mount Rainier - Alley24 Blog

How to Spend a Day Trip to Mount Rainier

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Do you have any trips planned for the end of summer? Late August is such a lovely time to visit your all-time favorite warm-weather hangout spots and destinations while we soak up the last bit of the summer season! 

Less than three hours away from Alley24, Mount Rainier is a great day trip destination. While it’s pretty scenic all year long, it’s best to head out now if you don’t like to drive in snow that falls close to the base of the mountain. 

If you plan to head out for the day, here are a few suggestions on how to spend it:


Breakfast at Paradise Village Restaurant

Source: Yelp


Every great trip to the outdoors starts with a hearty breakfast. Enjoy your first meal of the day at Paradise Village for some crepes, an omelet or a Belgian waffle. Don’t forget to try out some local honey! 

You can enjoy your breakfast out on a picnic table with plenty of room and fresh air. This restaurant is attached to a hotel out in nature, creating an ideal scenery for you to enjoy as you munch. 


Hike Around

Source: AllTrails; Alta Vista Trail


It wouldn’t be a proper trip to the mountain without some good old fashioned hiking. After breakfast, lace up your boots and head to Paradise (literally, the area is called Paradise) for gorgeous views of Mount Rainier. 

The Alta Vista Trail is a great option for a relatively short hike with breathtaking views — it’s 1.8 miles long! When you’re done, check out the Myrtle Falls Viewpoint. It’s a short 0.8-mile out & back trail that features a stunning waterfall. 

Once you’ve finished off a nice morning in Paradise, head to the Sourdough Ridge Trail on the other side of the mountain for a different perspective. Pro tip: Pack a lunch so you can enjoy it on the way or out on the trail! 


Stop and Smell the Grapes

Source: Yelp


What best tops off an unforgettable day of hiking, sightseeing and exploring? A refreshing glass of wine, if you ask us! Make a stop at Abbe Vineyard Winery for an indulgent sip of the Pacific Northwest. Take in all the lovely scenery while you’re there!

We hope you enjoyed these tips for a day at Mount Rainier National Park! Share your own for your Alley24 neighbors in the comments below!

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