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Stay Cool this Summer with a Scoop from One of Our Favorite Local Ice Cream Shops - Alley24 Blog

Stay Cool this Summer with a Scoop from One of Our Favorite Local Ice Cream Shops

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Things are heating up in the Emerald City and we’re screaming for ice cream here at Alley24! A nice cold scoop of Seattle ice cream is one of our favorite ways to keep cool in the summer. 

Do you have a favorite local shop for ice cream in Seattle? Within 10 minutes from our apartment community in South Lake Union and beyond, you can find some of Seattle’s best handmade frozen treats. If you’re a sucker for a good foodie Instagram aesthetic, you won’t be disappointed! Scroll on to see our favorites. 


Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream


Source: @mollymoonicecream on IG


If you want to keep it as local as possible, Molly Moon’s is the scoop shop for you! They source 90% of their ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Is sustainability your thing? On top of their local ingredients, everything in their shop is 100% compostable so you can know that you’re reducing your carbon footprint as you dig in. 

As far as flavors go, you can enjoy their classics like Honey Lavender or Salted Caramel, but if you want to try something seasonal, the Pride Parade Vanilla looks amazing! 


Frankie & Jo’s – Capitol Hill 


Source: @frankieandjos on IG


If you’re vegan or enjoy eating plant-based, Frankie & Jo’s is a must; their ice cream is entirely plant-based and gluten free! While it’s still nice and creamy, this vegan ice cream is a great option for something a touch on the lighter side. 

In addition to their unique concept, they also have ultra-unique flavors like Salty Caramel Ash, Chocolate Tahini Supercookie and California Cabin.  


Sweet Alchemy


Source: @sweetalchemyseattle on IG


Founder and UW Art graduate Lois Ko opened Sweet Alchemy with a passion for producing small-batch, organic and locally sourced ice cream here in Seattle. She also has a knack for sustainable practices and serves everything in compostable ware. 

To beat the summertime heat, you won’t regret getting the Blueberry Lavender, Horchata or Vegan Lemon Pie; this cream is made with local ingredients! 


Before we wrap up, we’re throwing out an honorable mention to Salt & Straw! While it technically originated in Portland, it’s a Pacific Northwest classic with rotating monthly flavors that never disappoint. We hope everyone’s summer is off to a great (and tasty) start! Comment below with your favorite local Seattle ice creameries! 

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