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Virtual History Tour: A Brief Guide to Seattle’s History and Some of Our Favorite Historical Landmarks Today - Alley24 Blog

Virtual History Tour: A Brief Guide to Seattle’s History and Some of Our Favorite Historical Landmarks Today

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Do you ever stroll through the Emerald City and wonder who previously walked the streets and paved the way for the city that we know today? We’re stepping back in time to take a closer look at some of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks and historical sites. 

We love this city so much and it’s important to know how it became such a lovely place to live! Sit back, relax in your Alley 24 home, grab some popcorn and enjoy the history lesson! 


Seattle’s Journey to the Present Day


According to Lonely Planet, people didn’t begin settling into Seattle until 1851. The neighborhoods we enjoy today with bustling storefronts and restaurants were once mainly an unoccupied, dense forest. Luckily, there’s a lot of forested areas left for us to enjoy and hike around in, despite the urbanization that landed here years ago!  

While Seattle started out as a very quiet city, its economic growth is first attributed to the shipping of logs to San Francisco. The Great Seattle Fire sadly tore through the city and destroyed much of downtown in 1889 as it started to gain traction, but Seattle rebuilt itself stronger than ever with the help of implementing high-quality materials like brick, steel and stone. The city’s population almost doubled between 1890 and 1900, mainly made up of gold rushers, loggers, fishermen, shipbuilders and merchants. 

With the help of successful big-name companies like Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks moving in thereafter, the city of Seattle’s economic growth and popularity continues to be on the rise. 

Landmarks We Know and Love


It’s hard not to fall in love with our famous Space Needle upon arriving in downtown Seattle, but do you know its history? It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair (also known as Century 21 Exposition), where it received an estimated 2.65 million visitors. It was Seattle hotel executive Edward E. Carlson’s original idea, inspired by a broadcast tower featuring a restaurant. 

There is perhaps nothing more iconic than Pike Place Market. Nestled in the heart of downtown Seattle, you can eat your way through it as you take in the scenery. As Seattle grew at the turn of the century, so did the demand for produce and other food items. The market kicked off in 1907 and solidified the need for this fresh-food gathering place that’s still going strong today. It was inspired by the idea that consumers should be able to buy necessary goods without paying a large premium from wholesalers. 

Originally named the “Seattle Theatre,” the present-day Paramount Theatre is one of the most opulent in all of Seattle! It debuted in 1928 and was restored in 1995 after experiencing some financial hardship in the ‘80s and ‘90s. It proudly stands today as a thriving landmark in our gorgeous city. 


What are your favorite landmarks in Seattle? Do you have any unique historical facts to share? We hope you enjoyed this brief history walk-through! There’s no place like home

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