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Chow Down on Some of Seattle’s Best Seafood at One of These Nearby Eateries - Alley24 Blog

Chow Down on Some of Seattle’s Best Seafood at One of These Nearby Eateries

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Oh, Seattle — there’s so much to love about you! One thing that tops the list is freshly-caught seafood; there’s arguably nothing our city does better. The best news of all is that our Alley 24 community is within minutes of so many fantastic eateries! 

Take a look at the list of restaurants near home we compiled below and start planning your next feast! Each option is less than 10 minutes away from home by car. Whether you’re grabbing a takeout order to enjoy in your luxury apartment or taking a seat on a heated patio, we hope you enjoy some seriously-fresh fish! 

We’re focusing on two nearby areas here in the Emerald City: Downtown/Pike Place and Capitol Hill/South Lake Union.


Downtown/Pike Place


The downtown/Pike Place area is the epicenter of seafood in Seattle. You can probably find something on just about every corner, but a visit to Matt’s in the Market is a great place to start. A staple of the scene for more than 20 years, you can’t go wrong with their delicious seafood stew or really anything else they offer! Check out their new “Supper Club” monthly subscription service if you want to be a really dedicated customer of this seafood restaurant.

Looking for something on the high end of both quality and taste? We can’t mention seafood without pointing out the best sushi spot in town: Sushi Kashiba! Consider getting a “Omakase Dinner Box” with a secret sake pairing flight for pick-up. It’s perfect for a special occasion! On the other end of the spectrum, Market Grill is a great low-key seafood restaurant inside Pike Place Market where you can get an unbelievably-delicious, “world-famous” blackened salmon sandwich for less than $20.


Capitol Hill/South Lake Union


Looking to stay close to home? Hit up Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar just 3 minutes from our community at their Capitol Hill location! You can find fresh oyster meals and filling plates like a crab dinner for two. The 100 Pound Clam isn’t much further and serves as a great spot for fish and chips or a prawn po’boy sandwich! The White Swan Public House is a sister restaurant to The 100 Pound Clam and delivers on freshness with a rotating menu and unique dishes like “Poutine of the Sea.” Want to order from a laid back choice where you can get an ice cream sandwich and fish tacos? Head to Bait Shop to score chill vibes while you eat seafood. 

Where do you go to chow down on flavorful seafood, from sashimi to juicy fish sandwiches? We want to know! An at-home seafood-filled date night is calling your name right here at Alley 24. Enjoy!

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